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Mustang Neighbor: 2011 NASCAR Championship Weekend Ford Mustang

The beautiful Mustang above is the official 2011 Championship Weekend Ford Mustang. I found it on my way to the NASCAR Press Conference in Miami Beach.


The 2011 NASCAR Championships

I usually go to Miami Speedway every year for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Championships. This year opted out and only went to the press conference, but it was still a fun event! The Chase was last weekend between Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards. The Chase for the Championship is based on total number of points throughout the entire season. Since both Tony and Carl were tied for points during the final lap, Tony won the Cup by finishing a couple seconds ahead of Carl… I was rooting for Carl since he is a Missouri Tiger!

Below is myself (Johnny Bond) and my co-pilot, John Rogger in front of the number 3 car

The New 2013 Police Interceptors By Ford


Ford unveiled the 2013 Police Interceptors a couple days ago at the 2011 NASCAR Championships press lunch. So I got one of Ford’s VPs to give me a tour of the new SUV and sedan which will be replacing the Crown Victorias.

– Built to withstand a 70 mph rear end crash
– Both cars now feature all-wheel-drive standard
– Powered by a modified Mustang engine. Ford modified the engine for longevity when idling
– Both the sedan and the SUV use interchangeable wheels so Police departments can swap spare tires between vehicles.

I am not looking forward to seeing these in my rearview mirror!


My Favorite Cars For 2012


2012 Porsche RS4


2012 Mercedes SLS

2012 Ford Mustang Boss

2012 Jaguar XJ (New model for 2012)

2012 Ferrari California

100th Anniversary Corvette

Original Porsche Speedster


I found this beautiful car in front of Joes Stone Crab in Miami Beach tonight. It is an all original 1940’s Porsche 356 Speedster. The 356 is Porsche’s first production car and one of my favorite classic cars. It originally had around 40 horsepower, which is nothing compared to today’s cars. But because of it’s small size and low weight, it seems like the Porsche Speedster would be a really fun car to drive.


First Look at the Lexus LFA

The Lexus LFA is an incredible car. About a year ago, I got to take a first look at the car before it went on sale. The car sounds sexy and is hand built by Lexus LFA works. But at nearly $400,000, I don’t think it is worth the price tag!