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Infiniti G37S Convertible Review

I love convertibles with the top down, but I hate them with the top up… The Infiniti G37 Sport Convertible solved this by using a retractable hard top. The convertible top folds into the trunk with the push of a button.

Under the hood sits a 325 HP 6 cylinder engine which delivers the power of yesterday’s V8 engines. I demoed the 7-speed automatic version, but it also has the option for a 6-speed manual transmission. The car handles well for it’s class and delivered a smooth ride, even at 100+ mph.

The features and flexibility of the G37 Sport make it a great everyday car. The hardtop convertible for starters is quite with the top up. Inside the car I found wood trim, soft leather seats, and a great sound system. The amenities of the car was on par with Audi or BMW. For long trips though, I would prefer something bigger, such as the Mercedes SL 550… But that gets a lot more expensive.

Overall I was really impressed with the car. You won’t win any races in the G37 Sport, but you will have a good time in it. If you want an affordable luxury sports car, this one is for you…

For more information about the G37, check out Infiniti’s website

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