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2012 Corvette Review

The 2012 Corvette is one of my favorite American sports cars. It offers an exhilarating ride thanks to a 6.2L V8 engine. I tested the automatic transmission version and was pleasantly surprised. The car is able to change gears fairly quickly, and the paddle shifters were fun to play with. I would love to see a dual clutch transmission here for increased performance.



The Corvette makes you feel like you are in the cockpit of a fighter jet. It is the only sports car (I know of) which features a heads up display. Your speedometer, tachometer, gear selected, and current radio station appears to be projected on the road. I wish more cars would incorporate this technology because it avoids having to take your eyes off the road.


The interior of the 2012 Corvette offers big improvements! Previous Corvette interiors were made of hard plastics and felt cheap. The 2012 is wrapped in leather and has a soft dashboard. The seats are very comfortable. I drove the Corvette over 1,000 miles in one week with no back pain. The adjustable suspension is a neat feature, but I noticed little variation in how the car rode or handled.


I took my girlfriend, Ashley Cline, out for a night on the town and quickly realized that it is the perfect car to drive on a date. The Corvette only has two seats, so it keeps things intimate. The ability to take the hard top off also comes in handy. Ashley and I started the date with the top on so it didn’t mess up our hair. At the end of the evening we brought out our adventurous spirit by popping off the top and cruising down the highway.



Bringing the Corvette to Homestead Miami Speedway for their monthly track day was a must! I quickly found that the Corvette was admired other drivers. The Corvette enthusiasts were particularly fond of the new color for 2012. Several Corvette drivers complained about easy it was to fishtail their cars, but I never experienced this problem with traction control on. I was able to punch the accelerator every time without the car sliding around.


Most sports car purists and race fans will notice the extended gauge cluster featuring an oil pressure analog display. A very important instrument to monitor when racing.


Driving the 2012 Corvette for a week was a blast! It is a beautiful car with lots of power. It makes a perfect second car, but comfortable enough to drive everyday. When compared to the Porsche 911, the Corvette excelled in acceleration and valued. You can really feel the power at your finger tips.

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