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The Buick Regal GS


I was shocked after driving the Buick Regal GS! My original impression of Buick as a brand is that they are a car for grandfathers. This is no longer the case. The Regal GS is the perfect car for a young executive or anyone interested in a sports sedan.


The first thing you will notice about the Buick Regal GS is how sleek the car’s interior looks and feels. From the aluminum trim on the steering wheel to the stitching in the seats, you find that General Motors paid every attention to details. The second thing you will notice about the car is it’s performance. This six speed 4 cylinder sports sedan packs 270 HP thanks to a turbo charger. In addition, the GS offers Grand Sport mode which made a huge different when hugging corners. GS mode stiffens the suspension by 40% and tightens the steering wheel. The Buick Regal GS is one of the few non-sports cars to come with Brembo brakes.

They also loaded the Regal GS with a wide range of technology features. This includes luxury features such as auto dimming mirror, automatic wipers and lights. The touch screen and voice activated controls for satellite radio, internet radio, and the navigation system shows off Buick’s new focus on technology, performance and luxury.


To put the Buick Regal GS to the test, my friend Alex and I created the #BuickRoadTrip. We ventured from Miami Beach Florida to Coconut Beach, then to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, then to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. Driving the Buick on a few hundred mile road trip was very relaxing. It offered a quite ride on the highway, but an exhilarating experience on the side roads.


Buick’s reputation as a car manufacture for old men is gone. The Regal GS has superb styling and a sporty feel. Thanks to the adjustable suspension, plush seats and turbo-charged engine, you will love this car!


Big thank you to General Motors and Buick for loaning me the Regals GS for a week.

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  1. mike nolan #


    August 2, 2012
    • Don’t get me wrong… I love driving a car with a V12 or V8, but some of the newer 4 and 6 cylinder cars pack a bunch!

      I couple years ago I purchased the 2011 V6 Mustang and it produces 305 Horsepower. Which makes it faster than the 2010 V8 Mustang. It also has more horsepower than my old Corvette and my old Porsche!

      August 2, 2012

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