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Mercedes C250 vs BMW 328i Comparison

When I think of luxury sports sedans, the first thing that comes to mind is Mercedes and BMW. These past two weekends I got to compare both champions of the road.


The Mercedes C250 sports sedan is a beautiful car, it has great styling and a plush interior. It comes well equipped at around $35,000. The model I dove featured heated leather seats, a soft leather wrapped steering wheel, and a Harmon Karman sound system. One of the neatest features is the ability to remotely lower the windows, an extremely useful feature when the car has been sitting in the hot sun. The base engine is a 1.8L 4-cylinder turbo, which produces 201 horsepower. It is definitely not a race car.


The BMW 328i sports sedan, puts the sport in sports sedan. The interior was a disappointment, but the 2.0L 4-cylinder engine produces an impressive 240 horsepower (impressive for such a small engine). The car handled great and the steering was very responsive. The base model, at around $36,000, lacks the luxuries you would expect from a car with that price tag: It comes with an imitation leather interior and imitation aluminum trim. The seats are also very uncomfortable with no lumbar support… I forgot. are we comparing luxury sports sedans or just sports sedans?

The BMW 328i is the car to get if you want performance and need a four door sedan. It was significantly quicker while cornering and faster in a straight line.

The Mercedes C250 is the car to get if you want a true luxury sports sedan. It is quick, fun to drive, and offers a comfortable ride.


BMW X3 Review


I rarely have bad things to say about German engineered cars, but the BMW X3 is disappointing. My friend Alex and I rented one last weekend for a day trip.

The bad:
The biggest disappointment was that this “luxury car” wasn’t luxurious. The first thing I noticed when I sat in the car was that the seats were not leather, it was plastic! What luxury car doesn’t have leather seats? Also the seats were plainly uncomfortable after sitting for a few hours. The BMW X3 also didn’t gave any wood accents (real or fake) which I have comes to love on Mercedes and Audi. Next was the info / radio / entertainment center. The screen was tiny and but the audio was decent. Like on all BMW’s the blinkers are sticky and often times get confused when using them.

The good:
The BMW X3 has lots of leg room and the info / radio / entertainment center has driver based presets. The 4 cylinder turbo engine is both quick and fuel efficient.