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BMW X3 Review


I rarely have bad things to say about German engineered cars, but the BMW X3 is disappointing. My friend Alex and I rented one last weekend for a day trip.

The bad:
The biggest disappointment was that this “luxury car” wasn’t luxurious. The first thing I noticed when I sat in the car was that the seats were not leather, it was plastic! What luxury car doesn’t have leather seats? Also the seats were plainly uncomfortable after sitting for a few hours. The BMW X3 also didn’t gave any wood accents (real or fake) which I have comes to love on Mercedes and Audi. Next was the info / radio / entertainment center. The screen was tiny and but the audio was decent. Like on all BMW’s the blinkers are sticky and often times get confused when using them.

The good:
The BMW X3 has lots of leg room and the info / radio / entertainment center has driver based presets. The 4 cylinder turbo engine is both quick and fuel efficient.

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