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Moving Day!

behind the wheel wood in blue sun

Dear Readers,

I have the opportunity to move my blog to the Sun Sentinel’s new website, today is the day. My new blog will be called Behind The Wheel. I will be doing weekly car reviews on all of your favorite manufactures. I hope you follow me there.

My first review for Behind The Wheel will be on the 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. It is V12 Grand Tourer that has a price tag of $322,000. Find out if I think it is worth the price by going to

Thank you for reading,

Jonathan Brownfield


BMW X3 Review


I rarely have bad things to say about German engineered cars, but the BMW X3 is disappointing. My friend Alex and I rented one last weekend for a day trip.

The bad:
The biggest disappointment was that this “luxury car” wasn’t luxurious. The first thing I noticed when I sat in the car was that the seats were not leather, it was plastic! What luxury car doesn’t have leather seats? Also the seats were plainly uncomfortable after sitting for a few hours. The BMW X3 also didn’t gave any wood accents (real or fake) which I have comes to love on Mercedes and Audi. Next was the info / radio / entertainment center. The screen was tiny and but the audio was decent. Like on all BMW’s the blinkers are sticky and often times get confused when using them.

The good:
The BMW X3 has lots of leg room and the info / radio / entertainment center has driver based presets. The 4 cylinder turbo engine is both quick and fuel efficient.

The New 2013 Police Interceptors By Ford


Ford unveiled the 2013 Police Interceptors a couple days ago at the 2011 NASCAR Championships press lunch. So I got one of Ford’s VPs to give me a tour of the new SUV and sedan which will be replacing the Crown Victorias.

– Built to withstand a 70 mph rear end crash
– Both cars now feature all-wheel-drive standard
– Powered by a modified Mustang engine. Ford modified the engine for longevity when idling
– Both the sedan and the SUV use interchangeable wheels so Police departments can swap spare tires between vehicles.

I am not looking forward to seeing these in my rearview mirror!


Jeep Wrangler Review

Jeep Wrangler’s are one of the most adventurous cars you can drive. I have so many fond memories cruising around town with the top down and going off road in the snow. The best thing about Jeeps are their durability: they always start, you pull anything, you can go over anything, and they are easy to clean up. The neatest thing about Jeeps is that they have drain plugs at the bottom of the car. This means you can power wash the inside of your car! If you get a Jeep Wrangler, I highly recommend getting the hard top. The cloth top Jeeps are pain to put on and off, they are very noisy, and they are poorly insulated. The hard tops feature glass windows and isolation. The only downside is that you need two people to take the top on and off.